# Rijnstroom IV

Friends and guests, past present and future:

Rijnstroom IV was almost destroyed by fire on Thursday 21st of May 2015, but has now been completely rebuilt. See link below.

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The cause of the fire is still uncertain, but it would appear to be the result of an electrical problem, somewhere in the control panel behind the helm. The fire took hold very quickly in the timber structure of the wheelhouse, and the new roof which had only just been built, and has completely destroyed the entire structure. The heat was so intense that it completely melted the original cast alloy helm wheel, and all the other barge controls.

The fire spread down the back stairs into the Captains Cabin which had been made up ready for the bank holiday weekend guests, and destroyed the bathroom, closet, entrance and ceiling. The wall mounted TV melted and set fire to the carpet!

The fire also spread down the main saloon stairs and across the ceiling, destroying the entrance to the saloon which included my desk and most of our personal effects, papers and documents. As the superheated smoke, estimated at between 800 to 1,000c, spread across the vaulted ceiling it melted anything plastic below it, and set fire to the furniture and surroundings.

This all happened in less than 30 minutes as the Bembridge & Ryde's finest rushed to the scene and got the fire under control. In less than an hour it was out and the full extent of the damage could be seen. The fire door at the end of the galley did its job, and there is no damage, apart from boot prints from mucky firemen as they made sure there was no one else on board, and we wont be holding that against them, as they are all heroes in our view!

So what of the future for Rijnstroom?

Just over a year after Rijnstroom was towed out of Bembridge Harbour and over to the Hythe shipyard, she has finally returned to her Isle of Wight home under her own steam. Owner Rob Lowe, with the help of 3 friends, drove her back to Bembridge on Saturday the 30th of July. Setting off at first light in order to be at Bembridge Harbour in time for high water at 09.15, she made the journey without a hitch, averaging about 7 knots, in 2-1/2 hours. On arrival she was met by the harbour pilot boats, who had closed off the entry channel, to allow a smooth and problem free mooring onto the visitors pontoon at the Duver Marina.

Hundreds of well-wishers, as well as friends and family turned out in bright sunshine to watch Rijnstroom's homecoming, and a steady stream of visitors, all excited to see the new interior were welcomed aboard, throughout the weekend and subsequent weekends as Rob and his friends prepared her permanent mooring station on Embankment Road. 3 weeks later and she was finally moored at her new home.

Rijnstroom IV is up for sale, and interested parties are recommended to contact Phillip Weeks, at Hose Rhodes Dickson, on 01983 875000. In the meantime, she is also open for business again for the 2017 summer season, not for B&B but for one or two week holidays.

If you and your family would like to spend a week or two aboard this beautifully refurbished historical Dutch Barge, enjoy the ever changing views and scenery as the tides come go from the harbour. Walk the coast paths and the RSPB nature reserve. Visit some of the islands best pubs and restaurants, and take in some of the many historic attractions that make the Isle of Wight such an amazing place to take a holiday, then why not give us a call.

For further details go to holidaysisleofwight.co.uk, call Rob on 07563 722846 or send an email to info@rijnstroomiv.co.uk

If you haven't already, and would like to read the story of Rijnstroom IV please click on the link at the top of this page above our address.