Rijnstroom IV Image Gallery

RijnstroomIV | 97ft Dutch Barge for sale as a business or a home.

dutch barge rijnstroomiv moored in bembridge harbour

RijnstroomIV Bembridge Harbour

view over bow of rijnstroomiv dutch barge looking at bembridge harbour

Bow view of Bembridge Harbour

side view of rijnstroomiv on her mooring in bembridge

RijnstroomIV on her mooring

view of the stren of rijnstroomiv

View of RijnstroomIV Stern

On deck of RijnstroomIV

Nice glass of Bubbly on deck

galley of rijnstroomiv

View of galley RijnstroomIV

top deck of rijnstroomiv

Wheelhouse of RijnstroomIV

bedroom aboard rijnstroomiv

RijnstroomIV Bedroom 1

bathroom one aboard rijnstroomiv

One of the bathrooms aboard RijnstroomIV

wheelhouse onboard rijnstroomiv

RijnstroomIV Wheelhouse

view of the galley area onboard rijnstroomiv

RijnstroomIV Galley Area

external view of rijnstroomiv's wheelhouse

RijnstroomIV Wheelhouse from main deck

onboard the top deck of rijnstroomiv

RijnstroomIV Top Deck

view of the sunset over bembridge harbour

The sun setting from RijnstroomIV

view of rijnstroomiv on her berth at bembridge harbour

RijnstroomIV alongside her berth at Bembridge